Those who wander are not Lost  

Love Travel Club offers a curated collection of comfortable fashion & travel accessories.  Like you, we LOVE Inspiration, Memories, Stories, Destinations and Falling in Love with New Places!

  Our Mission: "To help women feel great & take on the world!"

My name is Katie Joy & I have travelled since I first left home when I was 15 years old. It was an accident. I just went on an epic holiday with a girlfriend from school (and didn't go back! - sorry mum even though I love ya).

I can't believe I've had so many different lives already!!

Surfer girl while doing grade 12 in a share house on the Gold Coast, Australia
Japanese hostess (in Japan)
- Indonesian Uni student - Sulawesi
- USAID helping Indonesian villagers
- Emirates flight attendant staying in flash hotels all over the world
- Aquaculture specialist in Mozambique
- Marine Biology degree graduate in Argentina
- Developing ecotourism projects with indigenous people in the Amazon
- Working in La Paz Bolivia (loved this one!)
- Becoming really good at capoeira and doing back flips!
- Hanging out for months in Mexico
- Learning how to build Eco houses in Ojo Caliente, USA
- Staying in a mansion on the Canadian lakes fishing & reading books
- Professional Samba dancer in Bangkok
- Masters Degree finished in Thailand !
- Exploring New Zealand while being an Eco ranger !
- Riding bikes with food carts all over London !
- United Nations Ambassador in Bangkok Thailand
- Travelling around the world with Zumba Fitness
- Starting my own Dance Fitness Club


Now da naaa na na naaaaaa

Yep, you guessed it! Love Travel Club. Now that I have two kids I need to be super organised! I find it harder to travel and pack and half the stress is just deciding what to put in the suitcase!

To solve that problem Love Travel Club will help you find the best travel wear for an epic holiday or adventure.

I truly love travelling with heart, hence the LOVE. Having loving compassion for all those you meet on your journey. There is a sense of liberation and innocence being somewhere where you are unknown. Join the CLUB and Take on the WORLD!

Enjoy and Thank You for Reading ;-)