Designer Suitcase Protector/Cover [FREE OFFER]

Designer Suitcase Protector/Cover [FREE OFFER]

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Designer Suitcase Protector/Cover [FREE OFFER]

Feeling Awesome?

Get this stylish suitcase protector and be the envy of everyone at the baggage carousel.

Don't you hate it when your new suitcase gets hammered by airlines.

It happens ALL THE TIME!

Now you can protect your case and when your protector starts to get run down you can just buy a new one.

Feel at ease knowing that your suitcase is still looking brand spanking new!

This FREE OFFER is for the small size only.

Other sizes have a small cost.

📢 Limited Time Offer - we may remove this item at any time!

📫 Just pay Shipping & Handling! #SWEET!

Show your uniqueness by choosing the design that best represents YOU!

Material: Cotton Elastic Fabric
Small Size cover: for 18-20 inch suitcase (45-50.8cm)
Medium Size cover: for 22-26 inch suitcase (55-66cm)
Large Size cover: for 28-30 inch suitcase (71-76cm)



Thanks for your interest! Just before you check out, I would like to let you know that shipping to the USA & Australia takes between 2-4 weeks (with USPS tracking number in the USA).

Other countries may take up to 6 weeks.

Enjoy your order! Remember I'm here to help with anything ;-)

Lots of  💗 love 😀 smiles, 🌬💨 bubbles of joy and epic travel adventures! 🌍


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